During the past several years Moldova has implemented major legislative reforms, including the reform of commercial legal framework. We prepare a legislative strategy to accomplish an assigned task through changes in Moldova legislation. Our practice includes preparing:

  • Draft legislation and supporting documentation
  • Detailed legal analyses
  • Reports to support proposed legislation

Our lawyers are actively involved in the establishment of current Moldovan commercial legal framework. For instance, two lawyers of our firm were members of the Committee on drafting the Civil Code, the most complex piece of legislation ever drafted in Moldova. Another member of the firm participated in drafting Bankruptcy Law. Members of the firm have also prepared drafts of Limited Liability Company Act and Law on Pledges. Our lawyers have been called to testify with respect to the proposed legislation. As part of the legislative practice we also monitor legislative activities and advise on pending statutes, analyse the impact of legislative proposals on the economy.

With such experience the attorneys bring a first-hand perspective to our legislative and administrative advocacy and have a reputation for credibility and effectiveness in working with executive and legislative organs.

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