Our insolvency practice involves representation of parties in insolvency proceedings, including debtors, creditors' committees, court-appointed administrators, individual secured and unsecured creditors and purchasers of financially distressed businesses. In addition, we provide clients with problem loan analysis, analysis of collateral positions, and pre-bankruptcy structuring and planning, as well as assistance in structuring workout arrangements designed to preserve collateral values and maximise recovery.

Our attorneys represent parties in the confirmation and enforcement of plans of reorganisation, restructuring and documentation of out-of-court settlements, extension and workout of troubled loans, purchase and sale of estate assets, and negotiation and documentation of complex credit transactions. Furthermore, we assist in pre-bankruptcy structuring and planning, and in the evaluation of the possible effects of insolvency on both debtors and creditors in financial transactions. We analyse factual and legal issues involved in reorganisation and liquidation cases, identify the advantages and disadvantages of alternative courses of action, advise clients on strategic decisions, and present clients' legal positions efficiently and effectively both in negotiations and in court proceedings. We also advise on corporate and financial transactions to reduce or eliminate insolvency-related risks.

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