Our attorneys create and facilitate transactions that are new to the market. These transactions include the sale and purchase of assets previously held by public utilities and state power producers, the sale and purchase of power among producers, energy service providers and customers.

We provide legal advice on a full range of matters, including those involving project development and finance, corporate transactions, privatisation, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, litigation and legislation relating to electric power and other energy sources.

Our lawyers have been involved in all aspects of planning, feasibility study, bid-letting, construction, operation, financing, restructuring and privatisation of energy facilities. We negotiate and document complex contractual and regulatory arrangements, organise financing, co-ordinate local tax strategies, and navigate various cultural considerations. The firm represents hydroelectric developers, independent power producers, power marketers, and their partners or customers in proceedings involving power supply transmission, contracts and hydroelectric licensing matters. In addition, our attorneys advise developers, utilities and investors as to the proposed acquisitions of newly privatised electric and other facilities.

We advise enterprises engaged in the fixed, cellular and satellite telecommunication and Internet services. Our experience includes regulatory issues, investments, acquisitions and joint ventures, infrastructure and strategic investment, privatisation, project financing and equipment financing.

Buruiana & Partners has an expertise in a wide range of common carrier and other telecommunication issues involving wireline and wireless telephony. On behalf of our clients, the firm assists in the formulation of business strategies, obtains required regulatory approvals and negotiates operating and other commercial agreements vital to their businesses. Of equal importance for our lawyers is to closely monitor the legal and regulatory developments affecting our clients, advise them on new opportunities, and help them understand and comply with applicable regulatory requirements in Moldova. We also provide help with renegotiation of the terms of existing concessions and privatisation transactions.

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