There is no business or investment activity unaffected by tax considerations. As tax laws have become more complex in Moldova, many companies seek comprehensive tax advice. Buruiana & Partners counsels business entities, such as corporations, partnerships and joint ventures, as well as individuals regarding Moldovan tax matters. Our attorneys advise clients on the tax aspects of the formation, financing, operation, and termination of their business activities.

Our lawyers have experience concerning virtually every type of state and local tax. Certainly, VAT and corporate income taxes are the two most significant taxes; however, we have experience in other types of taxes, too. We provide research, opinions and advice on a large spectrum of taxes including, income taxes, net worth taxes, VAT, property taxes, intangible taxes and municipal and local taxes. Our attorneys constantly review changes in Moldova's tax law to provide comprehensive analyses for business planning.

We structure corporate and joint venture transactions to achieve the benefit of avoiding taxation as well as achieving diverse economic and tax objectives of new and expanding business ventures. We offer a full range of tax support to clients, including obtaining and maintaining tax exemption. Our attorneys represent foreign individuals and corporations on the tax consequences of their investments in Moldovan corporations and real estate.

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