The process of privatisation of the previously state-owned industry sector and infrastructure in Moldova, including telecommunications, energy, transportation, winery and tobacco is presently in full swing. The firm offers comprehensive services to investors, prospective bidders, intermediaries, and other participants. We have been involved in all aspects of privatisation. This involvement includes cement, textile, and food processing, energy, telecommunications and winery privatisation. Our privatisation practice includes, among others:

  • incorporation
  • corporate and financial restructuring
  • corporate, contractual and asset due diligence
  • performing legal audit
  • reviewing existing contractual relations
  • assessing concession rights
  • preparing information memorandum
  • drafting privatisation documents
  • processing bidders applications
  • ensuring compliance with local laws
  • drafting transfer contracts
  • corporate governance issues
  • antitrust considerations assessment of legal and regulatory environment

We have considerable in-depth knowledge about the political and legal system, relevant industries, auction bidding and public offerings. We have experience in advising prospective bidders on legal and regulatory structural issues and negotiating all agreements and licenses necessary to implement such privatisations. In addition, we advise clients on the sale of all or a portion of the equity interest in the assets being privatised, as well as on the sale of individual assets or stock in a privately negotiated or public auction-like process.

Concession contracts are one of the methods to transfer the management of public assets to the private sector or to attract private investors to major infrastructure projects. Our lawyers work with private investors on infrastructure projects and on long-term management contracts of public assets in Moldova.

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